Available Spaces for rent to all your Needs

We at Leasingwala focus to provide the best workspace for all your needs. Our workspace includes fully furnished offices, bare shells, co-working spaces, and business centers. We have these types of properties available for rent.

Properties on Rent

Navigating through hundreds of property options can leave you confused and it is even tiring. Well, we just have the solution for your workspace needs that bodes well for the clients. We have many types of properties available for rent.

Furnished Office

For startups, furnishing an office can be expensive. It demands you to hire an interior decorator, making designs, and working out the cost of all these. And then it would take some time to complete the task. It is a tiring and lengthy process. So some companies just don’t want to spend money on furnishings and would rather want to rent a furnished office space. Here at Leasingwala, you can rent a furnished office with all amenities included. Here are some amenities offered by Leasingwala.

These are some basic amenities provided by Leasingwala.

Bare Shell

Bare shell office includes basic flooring, plastered walls and some of them include pantry and toilets in working condition. It is one of the most popular options for corporate and startups for office space needs. As it has basic things covered most companies want to set their office to their liking. Well, Leasingwala got you covered our bare shell option will provide you the right balance for your needs. It has pantry and toilets included and right bare shell space to modify according to your needs.

Co-Working Space

Co-Working workspace is a great place to be for many freelancers to come and work together and share their ideology. Co-Working is such a desired way of working right now, because of fewer distractions than working from home or in a coffee shop. It is relatively cheaper than renting an office. At Leasingwala we provide you such a space to work in and also have all the facilities available like network access and resources and meeting rooms, printers, mailing address and many more.

Business Center

The business center is such a place where you will find complete business management suite of products under one roof. These business centers provide flexible, affordable, office spaces along with full services. It is great for saving money and time so you can focus on your business goals. Leasingwala offers such business centers for rent with competitive prices. You don’t need to spend on furniture, office tools etc. we are providing all that. You will have high-speed internet connection and support group etc.