Turnkey solutions for all properties

We all know that office decorating is a time taking process and will be heavy on you too. In that case, you need to turn to our office management services and interior services. We will help you complete your office with state of the art interiors and office necessary tools.

Our turnkey solution will help you hunting for new office and office interiors. We also provide vendor management services to our clients. In case you have a shortage of staff we will also help you with that. Our facility management services are world class ranging from housekeeping to security service to pantry services.

Office Interiors and Management services

We have made a name for ourselves in both the residential and commercial markets, where unblemished design constantly exceeds the expectations of our clients. We can handle projects of various sizes, scopes, and complex in all stages of development with excellent response time and efficiency.

Our smart teams have the experience to help you determine the products and design that works for you. Our team will provide you with a spacious design that adapts according to your expectations.

Office Hunting

Choosing the correct locality for your startup is a tough job, as it can have a direct influence on your business. There is much at stake while choosing the right office for you. Leasingwala helps you find the right combination of the things that should be important for office.

Location and accessibility of the office should be your main priority. All the properties we have are at prime locations and have very good accessibility.

Office interiors

Office interiors are being reinvented to increase the productivity and providing a better experience for the employees to bring the best out of them. A well skilled and structured team of innovative professionals, dedicated artisans, and experienced managers to provide the on-time execution of projects given their exceptionally high standards. We have very diverse clients. We have carved a niche for ourselves in both commercial and residential property market, where immaculate design exceeds the client expectation.

Vendor Management

Vendor management is an important part of any office as it will help you deal with external vendors and suppliers for the essentials of the office. Leasingwala offers you to provide vendor management services for all your needs from healthcare to office supplies like a computer and other supplies.

You focus on the work and leave the hassle of finding right suppliers for the products to us. We will deal on your behalf with third-party vendors and get you what you need.

Payroll Service (Staffing)

We also provide payroll service for you. In case you are in need of some human resource, we will help you with that. We will fulfill your requirement with the experienced and professional staff.

Facility Management Services

We are a premier facility management provider across several sectors and industries. Our services are cost-effective and customer-centric. We provide housekeeping and security services and pantry services.

1. Housekeeping – Many startups spend money on employing housekeeping staff which is not cost effective. Here at Leasingwala, we offer you the best housekeeping services in a very cost-effective way to help you reduce your cost.

2. Security Services – We also provide security services to all your needs. We are one of the reputed firms in the field of security. From surveillance to personal security we offer all. Our security staff is fully prepared and well equipped to deal with all kinds of emergency situations.

3. Pantry Services – We also offer unmatched pantry services. We will help you set up your pantry in your office. We have short time response, a hygienic method for food, and have smart pantry staff. Our pantry staff is well trained and experienced and specialized in offering the personalized service to your needs.