Brokerage is not an issue

Buying or renting a property is pretty tough in this competitive market. Leasingwala is here to help you buy or rent a property without hassle. Rent the property the smarter way with Leasingwala. Imagine you are spending lakhs of money on the renting of the workspace and then worry about brokerage too. Well, here at Leasingwala you can buy or rent the properties without any brokerage. Yup, no commission or brokerage applied to any of our properties. You will have full control of the asset without any worry.

No commission No Brokerage

We do not charge anything from our clients as part of the commission. We are simply a bridge between land owners and clients who are looking for the properties. We will handle all your hassle of renting or buying a particular place without any extra charge.

We act as a managing partner of the landowners or property owners. Hence we do not charge any commission or brokerage from our clients.